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With more than 100 years of design and manufacturing knowledge invested in drivetrain production, Dana is uniquely positioned to collaborate with OEMs to develop off-highway solutions that meet the needs of customers around the world.

Explore this site for a preview, and visit us at Bauma China 2010 to see how Dana can help you design reliable, high-quality drivetrains.

Spicer® Axles

Spicer® axles deliver maximum performance, offer easy, low-cost service and maintenance, and are completely customizable. The comprehensive line includes single-reduction and planetary drive axles in both rigid and steer versions, as well as portal, bogie, non-drive steer axles, and transaxles.

Model 123 Rigid Planetary Axle Model 139 Rigid Planetary Axle
Model 37R Rigid Planetary Axle Model 43R Rigid Planetary Axle
Model 113 Rigid Planetary Axle

Spicer® Driveshafts

For more than a century, Dana has continuously developed new designs, materials, and processes for Spicer® driveshafts, allowing them to provide more power, greater efficiency, and better overall performance.

Dana offers the most extensive line of products available, including a wide variety of end-fittings, both round and wing bearing-style joints, and driveshafts.

Off-Highway Driveshaft Capabilities

Spicer® Transmissions

Dana supplies a full range of Spicer® transmission solutions for any off-highway need, including transfer cases, hydromechanical variable transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, powershift transmissions, and torque converters.

Mode 319 Summing Motor Case Model T08 Powershift Transmission
Model TE08 Powershift Transmission Model TZL16 Powershift Transmission
Model TE32 Powershift Transmission

Complete Drivetrain Systems

To deliver proven system capabilities for OEMs, Dana engineers work in teams to design, test and manufacture transmissions, axles, electronic controls and driveshafts. This ensures seamless integration of all drivetrain parts, as well as optimal vehicle performance.

Service Parts

Precision engineering and rigorous testing ensure that Spicer® Service parts deliver the superior performance and reliability your off-highway vehicle needs to reduce downtime and cost.


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